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Nashville Ventures Inc. (DBA Help 4 Timeshare Owners), was founded to help timeshare owners that were fraudulently sold their timeshare properties. We work hard to get timeshare owners released from the undue financial burdens imposed on them by timeshare salesmen with deceptive sales and marketing practices. Over the years, we have developed a proven process that has helped timeshare owners get out of their contracts at a rate of 93.5%

Sadly, there continues to be a countless number of scams from timeshare resorts, resale companies, and listing companies. As such, we will continue to fight for the rights of consumers that have been negatively impacted by this.

Help For Timeshare Owners

We can understand why, as a timeshare owner, you would be hesitant to trust a salesman again. After all, once you are fooled once, it can be difficult to trust again. Our practice believes that you have rights to your own money. We don’t intend to trick you or take anything that it rightfully yours. Our goal is to simply cancel your timeshare contract so that you can live freely, without financial burden. To prove that we aren’t in business for your money, we offer free assessments to determine the state of your case and contract.

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If you are tired of your timeshare property and would like to cancel your contract, call Help 4 Timeshare Owners today. We can assist you with your timeshare cancellation and help you move on.



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