How does “Help 4 Timeshare Owners” help timeshare owners?
AHelp 4 Timeshare Owners and its affiliates assist timeshare owners across the country and Canada to help them solve their timeshare problems. We provide services that help legally get timeshare owners out of their contracts and in some cases recover money that they have paid to the resorts.
Does your service get me off of the deed and free from any future obligations for the timeshare?
AYes! After going through the process with Help 4 Timeshare Owners you should not have to worry about your timeshare ever again.
What if my timeshare is located outside of the United States?
AHelp 4 Timeshare Owners works with timeshares and vacation clubs all over the world including Mexico, Canada, Europe and the Caribbean. Many timeshares outside of the United States have contracts that lock timeshare owners in for up to 99 years. Wherever you own, we can help.
What if I think I have been a victim of fraud or misrepresentation?
AIf you believe you have been a victim of Timeshare fraud and misrepresentation, Helping Timeshare Owners will assist you with the cancellation of your Timeshare or Vacation Ownership contract. We help our clients avoid the usual run-around and virtually impossible task that they typically face when trying to deal with the resorts on their own.

Whether you just bought a timeshare yesterday, if you are three years into your mortgage or promissory note or if your contract is paid in full, there is no scenario that is beyond our assistance. Timeshare, Vacation Ownership, Vacation Club — it doesn’t matter. We can help get you out…guaranteed.

What is your success rate?
AWe are 93.5% successful because our specialists take the time to assess your individual situation and allow you to choose options we know we can deliver instead of “selling you” on an option that won’t work for you. That is why we offer a solution for every scenario. Every timeshare ownership is unique. So is each solution.
Do you guarantee success?
AAbsolutely! There is nothing mysterious about what we do. Each Help 4 Timeshare Owners involves a tried and true process guaranteed to deliver results. Help 4 Timeshare Owners backs that promise up in writing.